Pompeo Slams China with Highlighted Bible Message While Enjoying Things That CCP 'Does Not Allow'


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took a swipe at the People’s Republic of China with a picture of two things disdained by the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

Even better, Pompeo appears to have slipped in a secret warning to the Chinese regime directly from the Holy Bible itself.

The hidden message came in a post Pompeo published on Twitter on Saturday.

“Tonight,” Pompeo wrote on his personal account, “we’re freely worshiping Jesus Christ and drinking Australian wine — two things that the CCP does not allow.”

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Highlighted in Pompeo’s Bible is a New Testament verse that appears to be a direct warning to Chinese rulers about whom the real power rests with.

The verse, 2 Corinthians 3:17, reads “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Free worship of God has long been under siege in the People’s Republic, where Christianity is tightly regulated. Churches must belong to government-approved denominations, and disobedience can result in imprisonment and physical destruction of the worship house.

Will China crack down even harder on Christians in the future?

Even versions of the Bible not approved by the central ruling authority will land the faithful in trouble. Fortunately, Christians can rest easy knowing the Chinese Communist Party is not the highest authority.

While freely worshiping God may be illegal in China, Pompeo was stretching the truth when it comes to the legality of Australian wine there.

Bottles of the alcohol from Down Under are not prohibited to import in the Middle Kingdom, but heavily discouraged by the Communist Party’s steep tariffs.

The tariffs, imposed by Beijing in late November amid growing tensions between the two countries, can easily double or triple a bottle of wine coming from Australia according to the BBC. China is the largest foreign buyer of the Australian product, making the increased import taxes a dire threat for winemakers who largely depend on sales to the People’s Republic.

Australia became the first Western democracy targeted by China in the chaos of 2020.

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Along with punishing tariffs, the isolated country is also facing an onslaught of slanderous fake news from officials in the 1.3-billion population Asian superpower.

Sitting some 5,000 miles from American military installations on Hawaii, Australia is uncomfortably close to an increasingly aggressive China.

With only a fraction of the population, it appears to be only a matter of time before the island nation is economically and politically isolated by the Chinese regime.

It’s important to remember amid the power struggle in the Pacific that the coronavirus pandemic that essentially reset the global order originated from China, and was only made more deadly by the communist nation’s lies.

The post from Pompeo reveals that China’s transgressions are not only on the secretary of state’s radar, but at the forefront of his mind as the holidays draw to a close.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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