Portland Rioters Commemorate Anniversary of George Floyd's Death by Setting Fires, Smashing Windows, Attacking Police


Rioters in Portland Oregon, celebrated the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody with violence, vowing to burn down a city police building.

Portland police reported a crowd gathered downtown late Tuesday night and advised drivers to avoid the area.

The crowd yelled, “Burn the building down,” according to the department’s Twitter account.

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It later posted a photo of a dumpster fire at the scene.

The department also reported a “large crowd wandering around Downtown, blocking streets and breaking windows.”

Portland police soon announced the assembly as unlawful, declaring it a riot.

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Other Twitter updates noted individuals throwing frozen water bottles and eggs as well as shooting fireworks at officers and placing metal spikes on roadways.

Windows of coffee shops and other businesses were smashed in the early morning hours.

The Portland Police Bureau reported the events on the city’s website as well.

“Police cleared metal spikes from the street so firefighters could get close enough to extinguish the fire. People in the crowd formed rows while those closer to the front of the crowd held umbrellas to obscure the view behind them,” it said.

“People from further back threw objects at officers including frozen water bottles, eggs and metal spikes. When the fire was out and firefighters got safely away, officers deployed smoke then left the area,” the report said.

Five people were arrested in connection with the night’s events, police said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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