President Trump Reportedly Ordering Declassification of 'Obamagate' Intel Documents

President Donald Trump has ordered the declassification of intelligence documents related to “Obamagate,” and the documents will be released to the public before he leaves office, according to a new report.

Just the News Editor-in-Chief John Solomon told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Thursday that the president has ordered the release of “more than a foot-high stack of documents” related to the Russia investigation.

“These are the things that the FBI has tried to keep from the public for four years. They have amazing big-picture revelations,” Solomon said.

“Let’s start with what I think is the most important one: Christopher Steele and his debriefings with the FBI after he was fired for leaking.”

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The documents reportedly say that Steele admitted he leaked the information in order to cover up Hillary Clinton’s email problem and turn the attention on Trump.

Clinton had used an unauthorized, unsecured private email server during her time as secretary of state.

“The Russia collusion narrative was invented to protect Hillary Clinton from ongoing revelations about her email scandal,” Solomon said.

Do you think these documents should be declassified?

“It was a political dirty trick, and that was Christopher Steele’s own words.”

Testimony from FBI informant Stefan Halper, who recorded George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, is also included in the declassified documents, according to Solomon.

“In his tasking orders, when the FBI is tasking him, my sources tell me from weeks and months of reporting on this, that he was told to spy on the Trump campaign,” Solomon said.

“In fact, he was given a cover: Try to pretend you might want to get involved and get hired by the Trump campaign, and then start talking to people and pump them for information. In anyone’s book that is spying.”

He added, “This document, when it is released tomorrow or Monday will blow out of the water any idea other than that the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign.”

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Solomon also said that a “star impeachment witness” from the Ukraine probe actually has a connection to Steele.

On Friday, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham released a trove of documents related to the FBI’s Russia investigation.

“I consider the Crossfire Hurricane investigation a massive system failure by senior leadership, but not representative of the dedicated, hardworking patriots who protect our nation every day at Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice,” Graham said in a statement, noting that the committee has released “as much material as possible” but that “some classified material has still been withheld,” Fox News reported.

Trump had tweeted in October that he was going to authorize the declassification of all documents related to the Russia investigation without redactions, but did not do so, according to NBC News, reportedly until now.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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