Professor Suspended After Refusing to Grade Students Based on Race Fires Back with Massive Lawsuit


The year 2020 was like one long “woke” rager with a bunch of out-of-control, overgrown children making up ridiculous rules, causing fights for no reason and breaking everything in sight.

But very slowly, sanity seems to be returning, and the hangover is not pleasant.

After the backlash over its partnering with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light has been courting the conservative vote with patriotic, all-American ads.

A study by Global Policy that examined language related to social justice issues in over 700 documents from 65 top companies over 20 years noted that the use of terms such as “allyship,” “diversity equity” and “racial justice” spiked around 2020 but have been in decline since then.

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Breitbart reported that you’re much less likely to see many woke ads during this year’s Super Bowl. Β “Nobody wants to put their career on the line with a certain piece of Super Bowl footage. There is a huge incentive to be cautious,” a marketing professor who studies Super Bowl ads told the outlet.

Even South Park created an episode mocking the decline of “woke Disney”

Warning: This video contains language that some people may find offensive.

Should Klein win the full amount in damages?

Universities are also starting to feel the pain of woke policies, although it may take longer to penetrate the thick core of wokeness that surrounds our educational centers.

The resignation of University of Pennsylvania president Liz Magill, and the subsequent resignation of Harvard president Claudine Gay after their disastrous anti-Semitic responses before Congress was a start in the right direction.

And now, another university may have to pay up for cowering to the mob during the 2020 summer of Woke.

Gordon Klein, a UCLA accounting lecturer, is suing UCLA for over $19 million in damages after he was suspended in 2020 for refusing a request to grade black students more leniently after George Floyd’s death,Β according to Newsweek.

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The lawsuit claims that Klein suffered financially and emotionally because of the incident.

The majority of damages are based on Klein’s lost income from consulting jobs at law firms and other corporations.

The controversy started when Klein received a request to provide academic leniency to black students after the death of George Floyd.

One student requested a “no harm” final exam, which meant that the grade would only count if it helped the student’s overall grade.

Klein responded that while he supports “diversity, equity and inclusion,” he found the idea of race-based grading to be “deeply patronizing and offensive to black students.”

Are there any students that may be of mixed parentage, such as half black half-Asian? What do you suggest I do with respect to them? A full concession or just half? Also, do you have any idea if any students are from Minneapolis? I assume that they are probably especially devastated as well. I am thinking that a white student from there might possibly be even more devastated by this, especially because some might think that they’re racist even if they are not,” Klein wrote in reply to the email.

By that evening, Klein said a petition demanding his firing began circulating, garnering 20,000 signatures.

Three days after the initial email, Klein was suspended.

Klein was later rehired, but the professor said he lost “the lion’s share” of his income, which came from consulting work.

Unfair Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies have been pushed by activists with a mob mentality and are causing havoc both on college campuses and in the workplace.

Students and employees live in fear of losing their jobs just for saying the wrong word or supporting the “wrong” cause.

Klein’s lawsuit sends a message that people who are unlawfully fired just to pacify a loud, woke minority, do have legal recourse.

And that the repercussions for woke organizations that do not support the First Amendment freedoms of their employees will be severe.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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