Rand Paul and GOP Senators Roll Out Bill to Block CDC's Transportation Mask Mandate


Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul and other GOP senators introduced a bill Wednesday to prohibit federal mask mandates on public transportation due to COVID-19, Paul’s office announced.

The “Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act of 2021” is co-sponsored by Sens. Mike Braun of Indiana, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Roger Marshall of Kansas and Roger Wicker of Mississippi.

According to a statement from Paul’s office, Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs will introduce the House version of the bill later this week.

“The federal government forcing the American people to continue to wear masks despite the fact that we’ve already reached herd immunity is ridiculous and needs to end immediately,” Paul told Fox News on “The Ingraham Angle” on Tuesday.

“I am introducing the Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act of 2021 to put a stop to this nanny state mandate of requiring masks on public transportation,” he added.

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“There is no scientific evidence for the continuation of mask mandates on public transportation,” Biggs said in the statement.

“Bottom line, mask mandates are old news, and are only being kept in place by those who relish controlling our day-to-day lives. The viral spread is collapsing and our normal lives are returning. It’s time for the CDC to follow the science and end the tyrannical COVID-19 restrictions once and for all,” Biggs added.

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Braun agreed.

“It is far, far past time to end the federal government’s contradictory one-size-fits-all COVID mandates, including the rule requiring masks on planes and public transportation,” he said in the statement.

Cotton said the mask mandates are “unscientific and punitive.”

“Mask mandates have outlived their usefulness, yet they remain in effect on flights and other modes of public transportation,” he said in the statement.

“This policy discourages family travel and forces Americans with children — especially those with disabilities — to cancel travel or else live in fear that an untimely tantrum or bad day could ruin their trip and cost them more than a thousand dollars in fines. Our bill will put an end to this unscientific and punitive practice,” Cotton added.

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Paul stated last week he would introduce the bill.

“When the Senate returns to session, I will be introducing an immediate repeal of the mask mandate on planes. Enough! Time to stop this farce and let people travel in peace!” Paul tweeted.

Paul is a long-time critic of federal mask mandates.

“I think the burden should be on government. If the government’s going to tell you you can’t go anywhere unless you’re wearing a mask, they should tell you why. And they should present the evidence,” he said in March.

“You’re on the airplane, you wear a mask, you’re sitting this far from people. And then they say when you get off, we’re going to get off six feet apart now.

“I have been sitting next to some guy three inches from me the whole time. But now we’re going to use science,” Paul added. “And he has to go six feet in front of me to get off the plane. None of this is based in science.

“It’s all emotionalism. And we’re going to be here forever if we keep listening to these people. The simple fact is if you’ve been vaccinated, and you’re two weeks out from your second one, throw your mask away and do what you want, because Dr. Fauci is overkill on all of this,” the senator said, referring to White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In January, President Joe Biden issued an executive order requiring masks to be worn on planes, trains and other public transport vehicles. The Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration have been charged with enforcement.

The current mask mandate on airplanes expires on Sept. 13, according to the TSA.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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