Remember: The Last 2 Years of Hell Were Completely Caused by China and the Left


If you happen to be paying attention to the news nowadays, you may have noticed the establishment media’s COVID coverage has taken a dramatic shift.

Outlets that were once gloomy doomsday predictors and pundits that once believed if you refuse to wear a mask you’re responsible for killing grandma are now pretending to have always been on the side of reason.

On Monday, CNN’s Brian Stelter, for instance, ran an entire segment on his show “Reliable Sources,” lamenting overly restrictive COVID lockdowns, hyperbolic news coverage of COVID’s deadliness and even went as far as to criticize the CDC.

During the segment, Stelter — without naming any names — criticized “doomsday doctors” for pushing “more people towards even more fear, anxiety and depression” when it comes to their over-the-top COVID messaging.

“I’m not trying to call out anybody in particular. I think this is obviously really nuanced, but is there an undue amount of fear being spread? Especially in those Twitter threads and Facebook posts and in corners of cable TV where it feels like ‘COVID zero’ is the only goal,” Stelter said.

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“‘COVID zero,’ the idea that you can completely eliminate COVID from the environment, which is an impossibility.”

One of Stelter’s guests, Dr. Lucy McBride, a practicing physician herself, argued that many experts have been improperly framing risk from COVID, which should be measured, in her view, on an individual level.

Stelter nodded on in agreement as if this is the sensible position liberal outlets like his had taken from the beginning.

Is China to blame for the COVID pandemic?

But actually, this is the argument conservatives have been making since the dawn of COVID: We should protect the at-risk without causing more undue harm to the healthy with lockdowns and economic restrictions.

Stelter’s pivoting didn’t stop there. Later on in the segment, he went as far as to say that “the CDC has turned into a punchline” thanks to their constant 180-degree flip-flops on COVID policy.

Stelter and the “journalists” at CNN aren’t the only ones pivoting their COVID positions.

Other outlets, like The Washington Post and New York Times, have published articles in recent months criticizing the CDC and arguing that the “zero COVID” standard for ending pandemic restrictions is unrealistic.

As more left-leaning outlets begin to shift their coverage in the coming weeks and months, bear in mind that it is because of them we are here in the first place.

Despite what they may say now, these people are the ones who pushed anti-scientific policies aimed at reaching zero COVID cases, a pipe dream.

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It was these leftists that also obfuscated and distracted from the party primarily responsible for all of our COVID woes — China.

The Chinese government knew about COVID-19 months ahead of the rest of the world and yet decided to cover it up. If the rest of the world had been given a warning, much of the pandemic could have been prevented.

We’ve known this since very early on in the pandemic. According to a study conducted by the U.K.’s University of Southampton and published in March of 2020, if China had acted sooner, the spread of coronavirus could have been reduced by as much as 95 percent.

Despite all of this, the media at large doesn’t want to blame China. In fact, they often claim that doing so is “racist.”

They also don’t want to take responsibility for the role they played in heightening COVID fears to unreasonable levels.

Instead, they want you to believe that Trump, Republicans and anyone opposed to authoritarian government lockdowns were the bad guy.

Half the country still seems to be brainwashed.

So, it’s up to the other half to stay informed, so China, the left and the corrupt establishment media can hopefully, one day, be held accountable.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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