Report: Hunter Biden Owns Part of Chinese Company Despite Pledge to Sell


Despite White House insistence that Hunter Biden would sever his business ties with Chinese businesses, recent evidence suggests he maintains an indirect connection to a government-linked Chinese company through a firm named for the town of his mother’s birth, according to a new report.

Hunter Biden’s significant business dealings in Ukraine and China were the subject of Senate investigations in 2020. His father, President Joe Biden, said in December that during his administration, his family would have no foreign business entanglements.

Throughout the eight months of the Biden presidency, White House press secretary Jen Psaki and other White House officials have insisted the process of divestment is taking place.

However, a new Washington Examiner report said Hunter Biden appears to retain an interest in one Chinese firm through a limited liability corporation.

The report said Chinese records indicate Hunter Biden owns a 10 percent stake in Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company. The company is known by the acronym BHR and is co-owned by the state-controlled Bank of China.

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A Senate report on Hunter Biden’s activities said BHR, “was eventually formed as an investment fund and is reportedly ‘controlled and funded primarily by large Chinese government-owned shareholders’ and is 80% controlled by Chinese entities.”

Although Biden appears to no longer be on the board of BHR, three Chinese business websites reportedly show him as the sole owner of an LLC called Skaneateles. Skaneateles is listed as a “sponsor/shareholder” with 3 million yuan ($464,000) invested in BHR, amounting to 10 percent ownership.

The unusual name for the firm investing in China also matches the name of the hometown of Hunter Biden’s mother and Joe Biden’s first wife, Neilia.

The report noted the LLC’s address matches a reported previous residence for Hunter Biden.

Are the Bidens all about influence and making money?

The Hunter Biden-China connections matter because of the way they appear to be shaping U.S. policy, according to conservative commentator Peter Schweizer.

“There’s no question those conflicts exist. Joe Biden himself, two of his family members, his son, Hunter Biden — of course — and his brother, James Biden, have received millions of dollars from politically connected Chinese interests,” Schweizer said Sunday during an appearance on the Fox Business show “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Schweizer called the Biden White House’s policy on China “a strategic retreat.”

“I mean, they talk tough. They claim that they’re serious about the challenge represented by China. But what you basically get is retreat,” he said.

Schweizer said the money Hunter Biden made from foreign businesses can be linked to activities that benefitted his father.

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“[T]here’s plenty of evidence to support that Hunter Biden was paying Joe Biden’s bills,” Schweizer said. “We know that there were contractors that were working on Joe’s private residence in Delaware while he was vice president, and Hunter and his business associates were handling the payment of those bills.”

“We know there were things like a private phone or several phones that Joe Biden had while he was vice president. The bill was three hundred plus dollars a month that was being paid by Hunter’s business.”

“You cannot subsidize a family member in politics by paying their bills.”

Hunter Biden’s art deals, he said, are more evidence of inappropriate deal-making.

“We know that these aren’t deals, these art shows,” he said. “We know that the man holding these art deals and showing Hunter’s art has said China is a growth market where he really wants to go. And we know that this is what the Bidens have done for decades.”

“It’s really not in dispute. So this is a new avenue for corruption. The money is going to give an opportunity for foreign corrupt intermediaries who want to curry favor with this administration. And Joe Biden is displaying this artwork in the White House, which is a really nice gallery for foreign dignitaries to see the work.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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