RFK Jr. Shames Biden: Goes to Border and Exposes Impact of Unfinished Wall


Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. put President Joe Biden to shame this week by making a real visit to the southern border to assess the illegal immigration crisis firsthand.

RFK met with law enforcement, illegal migrants, local government officials and charities dealing with the mass influx of people in Yuma, Arizona, he told NewsNation.

It’s a “dystopian nightmare” that “clearly could have been prevented,” he said.

Contrast RFK’s fact-finding mission with Biden’s three-hour photo-op visit to the border in El Paso, Texas, in January.

During the brief stop on his way to Mexico, Biden met with no migrants, did not see the makeshift migrant encampment on the city’s streets, and spent just minutes at the border wall, CNN reported.

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Kennedy called Biden’s policies, which have allowed millions of illegal immigrants to stream into the U.S. from around the world, “unsustainable.”

Filming at a portion of unfinished border wall near Yuma early Tuesday morning, Kennedy said he had seen approximately 150 people cross into the U.S. in the previous hour.

He recounted that he and his team had spoken with the illegal migrants and learned they were from places as diverse as West Africa, Peru, Afghanistan, China, India and Bangladesh.

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“Altogether, people have come across right here from 117 nations in the last couple of years. In three years in total, 7 million people have come across the border illegally,” he said.

Kennedy explained that once people are apprehended at the border, they are taken to Border Patrol facilities where they are processed and released on their own recognizance into the U.S. about four or five days later.

“Most of them are never seen or heard from again,” he said.

“The stories that we heard from these people are absolutely heartbreaking. This is a humanitarian crisis because of the understanding across the globe that we now have an open border here,” Kennedy added.

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He noted that many of the illegal migrants are abused as they make their way to the U.S. border.

“There are all kinds of just horrific, terrible, terrible stories. And this is not a good thing for our country. It’s not a good thing for these people. It is unsustainable,” Kennedy concluded.

The Democratic candidate posted a picture with Yuma County Sheriff Leon Willmot, whom he quoted as saying, “This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, it’s a health and public safety issue. It’s a humanitarian crisis.”

Kennedy also met with farmers from the region, pointing out, “Yuma County provides 90% of the green leafy vegetables, like iceberg lettuce, arugula, spinach, and broccoli, to American tables between November and April.”

I can confirm, having driven through the area many times, that it is made up of vast irrigated farmlands.

Kennedy wrote, “The tsunami of migrants walking across farm fields and defecating in irrigation canals threatens the safety of that food supply. Last year, one of their neighbors had to plow under 88 acres of broccoli and personally absorb the $10k per acre cost after migrants tainted irrigation water.”

Last August, then-Gov. Doug Ducey filled in gaps in the border wall with shipping containers in part to prevent migrants from trampling and contaminating the crops.

However, the Biden administration sued the state of Arizona in federal court, and Ducey agreed in December to remove the containers.

The administration pledged to begin filling in some of the gaps with a permanent wall — but obviously not at the place RFK Jr. visited, at least not yet.

NewsNation’s Ali Bradley reported that the shipping containers were removed in early January and that work was set to begin to close four gaps in the wall.

In May, Bradley showed that construction was underway and that Customs and Border Patrol expected the gaps near Yuma to be filled by September.

Fox News reported in January, citing Customs and Border Patrol, that migrant crossings in Yuma increased 171 percent between 2021 and 2022.

Further, about 1 million migrants had crossed into Arizona illegally by that point in Biden’s presidency.

On the Southwest border overall, CBP data shows that over 1.4 million illegal migrants have been apprehended this fiscal year as of April.

A record 2.38 million entered the U.S. illegally in FY 2022, up from a record 1.73 million in FY 2021 during the first year of Biden’s term.

Kennedy, at the very least, is showing he takes the border crisis seriously and knows it must end.

Biden seems content to let it continue for the duration of his presidency.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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