Rock Bottom: CNN Tallies Its Lowest Key Demo Ratings Ever Recorded


In the media world, it is typical to have high periods and low periods, but it is really hard to state just how massive CNN’s fall from grace has been in recent years.

Obviously, a large part of the American public has never had much love for CNN due to its liberal bias, but as the network has ratcheted up the leftist propaganda in recent years, more and more Americans are tuning out.

Now, it seems as if CNN has hit rock bottom.

On Tuesday, the New York Post reported that CNN had just recorded the lowest weekend ratings in a key demographic in its entire history, a real sign of just how far the network has fallen.

The report said the network only saw 55,000 viewers from the important 25- to 54-year-old demographic over the weekend, with only 43,000 tuning in for its Sunday prime-time shows.

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This makes it the worst weekend in CNN’s history since viewership records were first logged in 1991.

Meanwhile, its total viewership stood at only 345,000 trailing Fox News with 683,000 viewers, and even the farther-left MSNBC, which logged 424,000 viewers over the weekend.

The message is clear: Hardly anyone is interested in watching CNN anymore.

“CNN is a ratings embarrassment,” one unnamed industry insider told the New York Post. “At least with Thompson they will have a direction.”

Do you ever watch CNN?

Mark Thompson, a former chief executive of the BBC and The New York Times, was named last month as the new CEO of CNN.  He is the one who will have to deal with the mess left by his predecessors and restore the network’s image.

However, others have made changes to the network with little to no effect on the viewership. Back in 2022, network executives hinted that they were trying to bring the network’s focus back to objective journalism, rather than commentary.

As part of this change, the network has chosen to part ways with some of its more obnoxious leftist presenters, such as Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, who were perhaps the most notable faces on the network.

But none of that seems to have had any effect.

To be fair to CNN, its conservative competitor Fox News has also seen a massive decline in viewership ever since the network made the decision to fire Tucker Carlson back in April.

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But Fox is still miles above CNN in viewership, and trends seem to indicate that that will not change anytime soon.

CNN chose to be a propaganda outlet instead of a news outlet, and now it is paying the price for it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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