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'Rules Are for the Little People:' Hollywood Elites Slammed for Partying Maskless at Emmys

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The award for the least social distancing and fewest masks at an awards show went to Sunday night’s Emmy awards, broadcast with a packed house of celebrities

The show was done in person, and there was a whole lot more glitter than there were masks, Fox News noted.

In his brief commentary, the maskless nature of the awards dominated Seth Rogan’s thoughts, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

“Good to be here at the Emmy Awards,”  he said. “Let me start by saying: there’s way too many of us in this little room. What are we doing? They said this was outdoors—it’s not! They lied to us.”

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Rogen said the show was being held in  “a hermetically sealed tent.”

“When an event is held at a tent, you tend to gather with others inside the tent rather than on top of it. And when you are inside something, you are not outdoors. It doesn’t matter if it is inside a building, a tent, a hut made out of toilet paper, or a gigantic pita. Telling people that an event will be outdoors when it’s actually inside a full tent with a roof and walls tent is like telling people that you like long walks on the beach when you freaking hate them,” he said, according to Forbes.

“Why is there a roof? It’s more important that we have three chandeliers than that we make sure we don’t kill Eugene Levy tonight. That is what has been decided,” he said, referring to the septuagenarian actor and creator of the series “Schitt’s Creek.”

Is there a double standard on following COVID-19 rules?

“This is insane. I went from wiping my groceries to having Paul Bettany sneeze in my face .. so, that’s a big week,” Rogen said, referring to the “WandaVison” actor. “If anyone’s gonna sneeze in my face, Paul, I want it to be you.”

Many on Twitter also sounded off about how the elite could dispense with rules forced on everyone else.

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Reggie Watts, the DJ for the show, had a different opinion.

“Despite what Seth might have said, we’re going to celebrate and party, but while we’re doing that we’re absolutely following all the health and safety guidelines that some really smart people asked us to do to keep us safe from COVID,” he said.

Host Cedric the Entertainer also pushed back against Rogen.

“It actually feels amazing in here unlike what Seth was talking about. It feels good. We’re all vaxxed. We had to get vaxxed to come here,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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