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'Run Hide Fight': The Daily Wire's School Shooting Thriller Proves Conservatives Can Win the Culture War

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“Run Hide Fight” has made it official — conservatives are finally taking the film industry by storm.

If this thriller is indicative of the quality of what’s to come from the newly minted film distribution wing of The Daily Wire, liberals in Hollywood should be quaking in their boots.

Isabel May stars as Zoe Hull, an 18-year-old who finds herself caught in the middle of an active shooting at her high school.

When school protocols fail to keep the students safe, Hull finds another solution — fighting back.

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The film’s intense violence refrains from being gratuitous and serves an important purpose, bringing very real stakes and gravity to the situation. Nonetheless, “Run Hide Fight” isn’t for everyone.

Where the movie really shines is in its many high-powered performances.


May embodies Hull with emotional depth and believable grit. In the hands of a lesser actress, Hull’s stoicism could have come off as rigid and boring. Instead, May effectively uses the character’s sullen attitude and toughness to reveal the character’s inner pain.

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Hull proves to be a truly heroic character without adopting overtly masculine traits, whereas the typical Hollywood approach would be to make her an unrealistic photocopy of the stereotypical male action hero. The rest of the supporting cast and characters are similarly stellar.

Hollywood veteran Thomas Jane shines as Hull’s father, an avid hunter and military veteran.

Serving as the emotional crux of the story, Radha Mitchell portrays Hull’s recently passed mother, bringing a touch of much-needed humor and heart to an incredibly grave situation.

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Last but far from least, Eli Brown plays Tristan Voy, the nihilistic teen behind the shooting and subsequent carnage.

Brown’s unsettling portrayal and unpredictable nature feel like a more realistic version of Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Social Commentary

In a movie about a mass shooting, guns aren’t the bad guy.

Instead, uncoordinated responses and ill-conceived, overly bureaucratic policies are the issue, as has been the case in the real world, such as in the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting of 2018.

Hull and her father are portrayed as pro-gun and pro-military, illustrating the “good guy with a gun” argument perfectly throughout the course of the film.

While “Run Hide Fight” includes important social commentary, it does so without hammering audiences over the head.

At its heart, the film is about grief, acceptance and the courage to stand up to unspeakable evil.

A Must-Watch Win For Conservatives Everywhere

When Ben Shapiro first announced his organization was getting into the film industry, audiences didn’t know quite what to expect.

Now they do.

On all levels, “Run Hide Fight” exceeds expectations.

A gripping story, powerful performances and touching moments of character development all work together to make for an incredible first outing for The Daily Wire.

For too long, conservatives have had to settle for fluffy Hallmark movies and cheesy Christian films.

“Run Hide Fight” proves conservative films will no longer be held back by such restraints.

Liberals have long used their monopoly over the film industry to disseminate their values among the American population.

If “Run Hide Fight” is any indication of what’s yet to come, those days are over.

The fight for the culture has officially begun.

“Run Hide Fight” will debut Thursday on

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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