Schumer Helps Sign Ukraine's Death Warrant: Dem Took Cash from Companies Funding Putin's New Pipeline


While some saber-rattling Democrats are threatening war if Russia invades Ukraine (like it did with impunity in 2014 during Barack Obama’s presidency), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is curiously silent.

Perhaps this is because Schumer is being bankrolled by affiliates of two European companies that fund Nord Stream 2, the oceanic pipeline that Russian President Vladimir Putin is building to transport natural gas around Ukraine directly into Germany.

“ENGIE North America and BASF Corporation each gave $2,500 to Schumer in September through their corporate political action committees,” The Washington Free Beacon reported Monday. “ENGIE North America’s parent company and a BASF subsidiary are part of a consortium of five companies that finance Nord Stream 2.”

Given this revelation, it’s no surprise that Schumer has not joined his warmongering Democratic colleagues and their establishment media lapdogs in egging on a U.S. military confrontation with Russia.

It’s ironic that Democrats and their media collaborators don’t see the irony in demanding that the United States defend Ukraine’s borders while leaving ours wide-open to daily invasions by unvetted armies of illegal aliens.

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In December, Axios reported that a Nord Stream 2 lobbyist also gave the maximum donations to Schumer and other Democrats.

“Nord Stream 2 AG, the Swiss company that is building the pipeline, lobbies Congress through Democratic donor Vincent Roberti,” it reported. “Roberti gave maximum donations of $5,800 to Schumer and other Senate Democrats last year.”

Is Senate Majority Leader Schumer a hypocrite?

“Thomas McLarty, the founder of McLarty Inbound, a firm that lobbies for the five European companies, in April gave $2,500 to Schumer,” Axios added.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who has repeatedly called for sanctions against Russia, slammed these Senate Democrats as being “literally, on the Russian payroll.”

Many foreign policy experts believe the Russians are building Nord Stream 2 to eliminate the national security threat that Ukraine could blow up the pipeline that transports Russian gas to Western Europe.

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When Nord Stream 2 is complete, Putin will have to ability to keep Russia’s oil revenue intact even if he decides to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. That’s why the completion of Nord Stream 2 could be viewed as a “death warrant” for Ukraine.

Schumer took money from Nord Stream 2 lobbyists, so he’s at least giving a passive endorsement to Putin’s recent aggressive actions.

The majority leader and other Senate Democrats have also blocked multiple GOP attempts to sanction businesses tied to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, ignoring pleas from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Free Beacon said Schumer’s office and ENGIE North America did not respond to requests for comment. It reported that a BASF spokesman said its American subsidiary does not lobby Congress on Nord Stream 2.

Now more than ever, the United States needs a strong president to lead us through multiple, escalating geopolitical threats and festering domestic crises.

Unfortunately, President Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel and prioritizes photo ops and racial pandering over taking constructive actions to stabilize the country.

This insanity cannot continue.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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