Second Large Vehicle Begins Playing Warning in Tennessee Days After Nashville Bombing


Only days after a Christmas morning blast rocked downtown Nashville, Tennessee, another suspicious vehicle put the state on edge as it began emitting a dire warning.

Sunday morning, police were put on the scene and blocked roadways surrounding the box truck on Highway 231 outside of Lebanon, Tennessee, a city near the initial explosion site of Nashville.

According to WSMV-TV, the large truck began emitting a dire message after being found. However, the station reported late Sunday afternoon that no explosives were found.

Witnesses claim the truck played “audio similar to what was heard before the Christmas Day explosion.”

The explosion that rocked Nashville days ago was preceded by a haunting audio warning, seemingly emitted from the same RV suspected of carrying an explosive load.

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In one video taken near the new suspicious vehicle, a bomb robot can be seen approaching the box truck while authorities maintain a safe distance.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Department sealed all roads leading to the area and urged residents to steer clear of the site.

While the explosion in Nashville devastated a city block with a violent blast, only a few injuries were reported.

Human remains found at the scene in the Tennessee capital are thought by some to belong to the bomber himself, who may have been present in or around the RV during the bombing.

The bomber appeared to go out of his way to spare human life with a warning and countdown timer.

However, the destruction scrambled communications for much of the state owing to an AT&T hub being caught in the blast.

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Will more of these be discovered in the near future?

The investigation into the box truck is still ongoing.

Tennessee Highway Patrol is spearheading the effort to unravel the threat in Lebanon as the FBI and local sheriff’s deputies assist.

While this may be a copycat act meant to spread fear, there is always the possibility of very real danger and violence.

The Nashville bombing, which shook the nation and resulted in a no-fly zone over the city, is still being investigated.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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