Second Radical Islamist Attack Rocks France, Jewish Community on High Alert


Fear coursed through the Jewish community of Nice France, this week after a terror attack killed three people in a church.

All 15 synagogues and three schools were closed Friday, and stores selling kosher foods were warned to be on guard.

“We have decided to close all the schools tomorrow,” the chief rabbi of Nice, Franck-Daniel Teboul, said Thursday, according to the Times of Israel. “The synagogues will also be closed. Kosher shops are on alert.”

“We’re all feeling threatened,” he said.

Some fear that lone wolf attackers are ready to strike anywhere.

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“We know this can happen to anyone suddenly, it’s not like before, with terrorist organizations, now it’s individuals at home, watching videos and then they go out to carry out an attack like what happens in Israel,” said Avraham Va’anounou, a Chabad emissary in Nice.

One woman was beheaded and two other people were stabbed to death Thursday at Nice’s Notre Dame church. Accused attacker Ibrahim Issaoui, 21, allegedly shouted “Allah Akbar,” during the attack, the Times of Israel reported.

Issaoui, a Tunisian citizen, was shot by police and wounded on Thursday, according to CBS.

Are you afraid France will fall to radical Islam?

Since then, police have arrested two men in connection with the attack.

Gil Taieb, vice president of an umbrella group of French Jewish communities, tweeted that “The Islamists are waging war on us! All united against Islamism.”

French President Emmanuel Macron had offered sentiments after the Nice stabbings.

“I say this with the outmost clarity — we will not give in to terrorism,” he said according to CNN. “Once again this morning, it was three of our compatriots that fell in Nice, and very clearly France is under attack.”

Earlier this month, an attacker beheaded a French teacher for showing his class caricatures of Mohammed. The French government has responded by increasing security.

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President Donald Trump sent France a message of support.

The attacks became part of the wider debate of the growing presence of Muslims in Western Europe.

Some French officials believe that more attacks are likely.

“We are in a war against an enemy that is both inside and outside,” French interior minister Gerald Darmanin said, according to Newsweek.

“We need to understand that there have been and there will be other events such as these terrible attacks,” he said.

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