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After Seeing Kids Playing Basketball with Milk Crate, Officers Go Above and Beyond to Get Them Real Hoop

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They say necessity is the mother of invention, and when you’re a kid with limitless imagination, many things are possible.

That was certainly true of a group of kids in one Chicago neighborhood whose love for basketball was great enough that they found what they could to set up a basketball court: a small cement slab and an old milk crate.

It was enough for a time, even if it wasn’t regulation.

But that all changed after some Chicago Police Department officers spotted the kids.

The story that resulted was heartwarming enough that Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown had to tweet the story.

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“Officers from @ChicagoCAPS06 noticed a group of children in the neighborhood playing basketball using a milk crate as their hoop,” Brown wrote on Monday.

“The officers saw an opportunity to help the kids with their game, so they got together to buy them a new hoop and basketballs.”

Two officers lugged the boxed gift to the porch where another officer stood as a woman covered a young man’s eyes, removing her hands to reveal the surprise.

The boy, upon seeing the brand-new basketball hoop immediately shouted “thank you!” and started bouncing up and down with excitement.

“Is that a little bit better?” one of the officers asked.

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“Yeah!” the boy said, giving the cop an enthusiastic high-five.

“These #ChicagoPolice officers surprised the kids with their new hoop and took time out to assemble it for them,” the superintendent continued in his Twitter thread.

“They even stuck around to play a quick game of basketball with their new friends! Not only did this make the kids happy, but it made my day too.”

The kids looked happy to have their new setup and no doubt it will give them hours of entertainment. The officers didn’t look like they minded the change of pace, either — a true win/win situation.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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