Soros' Open Society Foundation President Steps Down, Paving the Way for Potential Biden Admin Job


A former Obama administration official has quit his job as president of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation amid speculation that he will be appointed labor secretary.

Patrick Gaspard was the U.S. ambassador to South Africa from 2013 to 2016 after a stint in the White House Office of Political Affairs, according to Fox News.

He recently announced his departure.

“After four profound years of service to this extraordinary institution, and at a critical juncture for the democracy that is my home, I am compelled to charge once more unto the breech in a new political moment,” he wrote to his colleagues, according to Axios.

“Fundamental social change doesn’t customarily occur in a revolutionary moment. Instead, what is needed is the partnership of activists, government, and the nonprofit sector, collaborating over time and space in unity and solidarity. This is what I worked to do at Open Society. My commitment now will be to re-enter the world of politics and ideas, where I can continue the struggle against oppression everywhere,” he said in a statement.

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Soros praised Gaspard.

“From his work as a union organizer to his political leadership during the Obama administration to his role as U.S. ambassador to South Africa, Patrick has been a champion of all rights: whether for workers, for women, or for underserved groups,” he said in a statement.

“His dedication to those challenging power is precisely why I invited Patrick to join Open Society. I have great admiration for the way he led the Foundations in a world beset by illiberalism, and I applaud him.”

There was no applause, however, coming from Fox News host Tucker Carlson in a recent Op-Ed on Fox News.

Is this really what America wanted?

“Patrick Gaspard could soon be America’s labor secretary, a Cabinet official. So if you’re asking yourself, ‘Does a 90-year-old, left-wing Hungarian financier have enough control over the way my country operates?’ the answer is decidedly, ‘Yes.’ George Soros definitely has enough power now, much more power than you have, for sure,” Carlson wrote.

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“In Patrick Gaspard, George Soros has found someone as radical as he is. Three years ago, South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress, endorsed a plan of taking land from farmers based on skin color without compensating them. They called it land reform. Neighboring Zimbabwe had already done this under its bloodthirsty lunatic leader, Robert Mugabe, and promptly became the single poorest country in the world, killing a lot of people in the process,” Carlson wrote.

“No sane person thought or thinks this was a good idea. But Patrick Gaspard thought it was a great idea.”

“Gaspard added in many forums that anyone who disagreed with both this point of view and land reform generally was, of course, an irredeemable racist,” he wrote.

Carlson said Gaspard once threw shade on the Constitution.

“Gaspard later said that he found the South African constitution superior to America’s constitution, and George Soros would no doubt agree with that. But would many South Africans agree with that? How many have fled that country in just the past 10 years?” Carson added.

“Patrick Gaspard doesn’t care. Like George Soros, he is an ideologue. For him, as for all ideologues, outcomes are far less interesting and far less important than theories. So you won’t be surprised to learn that Patrick Gaspard was once a community organizer, that he once worked for failed New York City Mayor David Dinkins, and that he remains personally close to current Mayor Bill de Blasio. New York City is collapsing, but as far as Patrick Gaspard is concerned, it’s collapsing for the right reasons. Maybe we need more land reform on the Upper East Side.”

“Could this moment get any more perverse? Could the lying be any more obvious? Could it be more Orwellian? But it doesn’t matter what you think, that man could soon be your labor secretary,” he concluded.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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