Target Gaslights Americans Why LGBT Products Were Removed, But Small Move Reveals Truth


Retail giant Target saw what was happening to Bud Light and seems to have moved to make sure its own troubles would blow over quickly. But its words are coming out of both sides of its corporate mouth as it gaslights America over its “solutions.”

Weeks ago, conservatives began to notice that Target had stepped up its commitment to the radical transgender movement by offering a new line of “tuck-friendly” swimsuits for children. These swimsuits are meant to help children hide their genitals so that they can pretend to be the opposite gender in fealty to the extremist LGBT agenda.

WARNING: The following tweet contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

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The transgender products were bad enough. But it was also revealed that the company had been working with an actual Satanist as one of its designers, an artist named Eric Carnell.

The company had partnered with Abprallen, a company that makes merchandise with violent and satanic messages.

For instance, one message the company wrote said: “Satan loves you and respects who you are; you’re important and valuable in this world and you deserve to treat yourself with love and respect. LGBT+ people are so often referred to as being a product of Satan or going against God’s will, so fine. We’ll hang with Satan instead.”


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Are you participating in a boycott in Target?

This week, castigation for Target grew loud enough for the company to take notice and take action.

Unlike Bud Light, which stayed silent for a while after conservatives went on the attack over its partnership with transgender TikTok activist Dylan Mulvaney, Target jumped up fairly quickly to start making moves that looked like they were trying to assuage the critics.

Only a few days after social media users began to focus on Target’s outrageous clothing line, the company made a move, pulling some of its “pride” merchandise from the front areas of its stores. Then, in many cases, the retail giant even began taking the “pride” gear out of the stores entirely.

The company also eliminated some of the products from the Target website.

Maybe it moved just in time, too. According to its market numbers, the company is already feeling major financial pains.

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But along with moving the products out of eyeshot, Target also tried to make their radical gay fans feel comfortable with the move, too, by assuring them that the only reason they dumped the LGBT-friendly items is because evil conservatives were threatening violence.

“Since introducing this year’s collection, we’ve experienced threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and wellbeing while at work,” Target said in a statement, according to wire service Reuters.

“Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior,” Target added.

Still, Megan Basham had a fair point over Target’s claim that it was only taking action because of “threats.”

“Target is removing some Pride items from the stores AND the website, per company statement. Why would they include online if they were only reacting to violent confrontations in the stores?”

That truly is a good question, though the implications are not exactly clear.

Target, though, moved very quickly. Unlike the middle of the road approach that Bud Light took where it didn’t denounce Mulvaney, didn’t apologize, and then later tried to say they never had a deal with Mulvaney in the first place, Target moved fairly quickly to tamp down the quickly mounting criticism.

What Target hasn’t done, though, is apologize. So, its decision to move the products is not really a solution. It is merely window dressing, gaslighting Americans into thinking the company has taken action. But in truth, Target has no intentions whatever of scaling back its support for the radical trans and LGBT movement that wants to groom our children to be corrupted by their lifestyle. Target has been supporting the LGBT agenda for decades and it has made no serious effort to put an end to that.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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