Ted Cruz Shuts Down HuffPost Reporter Over Bizarre Claim on ACB Hearing

Objective truth doesn’t matter to leftist journalists anymore. All that matters to them is winning the 2020 election at any cost.

Nowhere has this been made more evident than in the liberal media’s coverage of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing.

On Tuesday, HuffPost senior reporter Emily Peck claimed that Sen. Ted Cruz only questioned Barrett “about her parenting.”

“Ted Cruz only asking ACB about her parenting is really quite something,” Peck tweeted.

That statement is completely false, and Cruz wasn’t about to let Peck get away with it.

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“Except it’s false. You’re a reporter. You shouldn’t tweet false statements,” the Texas Republican replied.

It’s quite amazing that a senior reporter for a widely known news organization can tweet out such an obvious lie with no apparent fear of repercussions.

Is the establishment media covering Barrett fairly?

Anyone who was watching the hearing Tuesday would have known that Cruz did, in fact, ask Barrett several questions about her judicial approach.

Even for those who didn’t watch the hearing live, all it takes to disprove the notion that he only asked about her children is a quick online search of Cruz’s questions.

Perhaps the most notable of his questions for Barrett was in regard to the need for free speech protections.

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“How about the free speech protections of the First Amendment? Why are those important?” Sen. Cruz asked.

Barrett’s answer was incisive and confident, which is likely the reason why left-wing reporters like Peck want to pretend it never happened.

“So that minority viewpoints can’t be squashed. So that it’s not just the majority that can speak popular views,” Barrett responded.

“You don’t really need the First Amendment if what you’re saying is something that everybody wants to hear. You need it when people are trying to silence you.”

The fact is, Barrett is an extremely intelligent judge who will no doubt make an incredible member of the United States Supreme Court.

But because she has integrity and doesn’t bend to whims of the radical left, progressive journalists and politicians will stop at nothing to get their way — even if that means bending the truth.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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