After Telling Citizens To 'Cancel Big Gatherings This Year,' CA Mayor Attends Thanksgiving Party


Double standards are the norm for Democrats, and that seems especially true in the Golden State.

California Democrats such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Gavin Newsom have asked Californians to remain un-groomed, holed up at home alone and eating their meals alone deprived of fresh air and vitamin D.

But when push comes to shove, they get haircuts, enjoy lavish parties and are busted eating in style.

It’s the California way with regard to coronavirus pandemic hypocrisy, and nowhere was this more on display than in San Jose on Thanksgiving.

KNTV-TV reported San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo asked his city’s roughly one million residents to refrain from spending the holiday with family.

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The Democrat was so concerned about Thanksgiving dinners turning into a super spreader event, he tweeted a warning about it.

“Cases are spiking, in part because we’re letting our guard (and masks) down with family & friends,” wrote Liccardo.

“Let’s cancel the big gatherings this year and focus on keeping each other safe,” he added.

Notice the virtuous mask in the mayor’s Twitter photo.

But he let that mask slip off, so to speak, with regard to the double standard he reportedly applies to people who are not named Sam Liccardo.

“The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit has learned Liccardo celebrated with his elderly parents at their Saratoga home with an unknown number of other guests,” KNTV reported.

“While the mayor’s staff did confirm the dinner took place, they have not disclosed how many other people attended, how many different households were present, and whether any of those in attendance wore masks while not eating.”

Did you enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family around?

Apparently, Liccardo wanted lowly Northern California commoners to adhere to public health guidelines.

But he couldn’t be bothered to follow them himself.

Liccardo joins some pretty unsavory company.

It’s truly no wonder many Californians don’t want to follow these ridiculous, draconian health restrictions when their elected officials ignore them at seemingly every opportunity.

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Pandemic politics are killing businesses and destroying lives.

They say what starts in California eventually makes its way to the rest of the country.

If that’s the case, self-serving, incompetent and hypocritical leadership might be headed to a town near you — if it’s not already there.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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