The Western Journal Launches 1st-of-Its-Kind Podcast To Combat Big Tech Censorship & Liberal Hypocrisy


Ready or not, here we come.

The writers and editors of The Western Journal on Tuesday launched “WJ Live” with an episode dedicated to the discussion of liberal hypocrisy and censorship of conservative ideas by Big Tech, specifically Google and YouTube.

The format of “WJ Live” consists of four co-hosts, each of whom leads a brief roundtable discussion about a political or cultural issue relevant to the day’s news.

The co-hosts will vary each episode, with few episodes ever featuring the same four people.

The premiere episode featured four members of The Western Journal’s editorial staff — writer Andrew Sciascia, Deputy Managing Editor Joe Setyon, Deputy Managing Editor Josh Manning and yours truly in a 30-minute conversation pulled literally from today’s headlines.

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(You can watch the entire first episode at the top of this article.)

The four dug into everything from the Democrats’ plan to end the filibuster completely should they retake the Senate in November and how rioters are handing Donald Trump another election victory to the hypocrisy of “science believers” like Sen. Kamala Harris and efforts to break up Google through federal anti-trust action.

“WJ Live” exists for one reason: to equip listeners with truth — truth they may not get if they rely solely on establishment media and left-leaning Big Tech companies for their news.

“What happens when leftists take over is really nasty,” Manning said of the riots taking place throughout America, but largely in Democrat-controlled cities. “And now people are beginning to see that a little bit.”

“Everyone supports peaceful protests,” Setyon responded, “… but the Black Lives Matter movement, by not doing enough to condemn the violence — and by in some cases being tied to the violence — they have turned off average Americans who aren’t particularly conservative … they’ve just turned off independent, normal voters who don’t like violence.”

“WJ Live” will appear twice weekly, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern, 2:00 p.m. Pacific, on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Facebook.

After the Facebook premiere, the video will be posted to YouTube as well.

The video will also be available on The Western Journal’s “WJ Live” homepage, which may be the best place to find it, given how hard Big Tech companies are working to keep conservative voices offline.

The timing of the initial episode coincided with the launch of another new product from The Western Journal: an ad-lite subscription model. Western Journal readers have three models from which to choose and can opt to pay annually or month-to-month.

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Regardless of the subscription level or payment option, no subscription costs more than about 84 cents daily — less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

You can learn more about the brand-new subscription model here.

“WJ Live” is available now on Facebook and YouTube, with an audio-only version coming soon to Apple, Spotify and wherever else you may listen to your podcasts.

Ready or not.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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