Tone-Deaf SAG Awards President Calls Hollywood's Woke Initiative The Biggest Effort to Save Planet Since WWII


Actress Fran Drescher compared Hollywood’s latest vow to use less plastic with the sacrifices of those who prevented the enslavement of the globe during World War II.

Drescher spoke during Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild awards, where she called on the film and TV industry to force its “woke” agenda on people far away from morally bankrupt Hollywood.

“Our industry brings billions of production dollars to states across the nation,” Drescher said, Deadline reported. “But if they want our business, let’s wield our financial influence to make governors act in the best interest of freedom, diversity, inclusion and democracy.”

She continued, “As my character Bobbi Flekman said in ‘This Is Spinal Tap,’ ‘Money talks and bulls*** walks!’”

The former star of “The Nanny” then touted her industry’s efforts to use less plastic and more glass. The undertaking, she said, was an effort to save the world.

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Drescher announced that the SAG and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, along with the Motion Picture Association, “have forged Green Council, the biggest joint effort of stars and studios to save the planet since WWll,” Drescher added.

She proposed an “honor system” to help her “eliminate single-use plastic” both on camera and behind the scenes.

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Drescher also called on her industry cohorts to “leverage star power” to challenge audiences to “do the same” during the tone-deaf back-patting.

“You may notice this year on your tables, they’re all glass bottles,” she concluded as those in her presence cheered her on.

The spectacle was little more than a display of Hollywood’s grandiose delusions.

There was a time when America’s entertainers were actually patriotic, bold and anything but narcissistic.

People such as Paul Newman, Clark Gable, Kirk Douglas and Jimmy Stewart all served their country as it fought to preserve peace in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Hollywood once had a legacy of service that is not seen today, minus the exception of the very few people acting today who served in uniform.

The vast majority of Hollywood stars, directors and producers spend their time attempting to reprogram a country that is tuning them out.

People don’t watch the Oscars like they used to.

America does not care about the Emmy Awards.

In fact, Sunday’s SAG-AFTRA Awards show was the lowest-rated in its history. Only 1.5 million people tuned in, and that is in spite of the fact it was broadcast for free online.

Comments such as Drescher’s are partially why.

Every individual effort to keep the environment clean is, of course, inherently noble. As an outdoorsman, I have spent countless hours picking up garbage that was not mine in an effort to keep areas of natural beauty as pristine as possible.

I never once tried to convince myself it made me just like Audie Murphy.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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