Trump Ally Gingrich Urges Conservatives To Vote in Georgia Against Lawyers' Wishes


Former Speaker of House Newt Gingrich is encouraging Georgia conservatives to ignore the “destructive” rhetoric of attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell ahead of the Jan. 5 Georgia Senate runoffs.

Powell and Wood have been telling Georgia Republicans to not vote for incumbent Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler unless they do more to address claims of  widespread voter fraud directed against President Donald Trump.

“Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are totally destructive. Every Georgia conservative who cares about America MUST vote in the runoff. Their [don’t] vote strategy will cripple America,” Gingrich tweeted Thursday.

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Gingrich’s criticism comes as Wood was revealed to have supported Democrats in the past.

Wood donated $2,300 to then-presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008, and $500 to Democrat John Edwards’ presidential campaign four years prior, according to Federal Election Commission data.

In 2017, he gave $12,600 to Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Evans, and in 2014, he donated $5,000 to Democratic state Sen. Jason Carter, who was running for governor. He has also contributed $1,000 to Georgia’s Win List, a pro-abortion group.

Wood has has also donated to Republicans, and notably made four donations totaling $6,600 to Rep. Doug Collins this year.

Collins, a Republican, ran against Loeffler for Senate in the general election in November.

Gingrich is correct to be suspicious of Wood and Powell, both of whom have seen their stars rise since the election.

As the former House speaker, he understands that the party is much bigger than one person, and needs a future after Trump, especially if Biden becomes president.

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Millions of Americans are upset and are doubtful of the likely election outcome, but the anger derived from the election is not a valid reason for Georgians to not vote in the runoff races. If they are furious about a potential Biden administration in the White House, they will be shooting themselves in the foot if they give Democrats the Senate too.

Conservatives need to think long term if they truly care about the future of conservative values in America.

If Republicans tie Trump’s legal battles to the Senate runoffs and refuse to vote for Perdue and Loeffler unless the senators do more to address Trump’s voter fraud allegations, conservatism could quickly lose its foothold in American policy-making. It may be decades before Americans see another Republican in the White House if the conservatives think only one person can represent them in the executive branch.

Although Georgia is generally a red state, the Democrats have a fighting chance to create a tie in the Senate if they manage to bring Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to victory.

To the Republicans in Georgia who are considering not voting on Jan. 5: Do you want to see Kamala Harris be the potential deciding vote in the Senate?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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