Trump Campaign Highlights Need For GA Signature Check: Only 4,500 of 1.3M Absentee Ballots Rejected


President Donald Trump’s campaign legal team made its fifth request since the general election on Monday for Georgia’s secretary of state for an absentee signature matching audit, noting the abnormal 0.34 percent rejection rate.

Democrat Joe Biden currently leads Trump 12,670 votes in the Peach State.

“The potential illegal ballots included in that number is between three and four times the margin of votes awarding the victory to Joe Biden,” wrote Trump campaign attorney Ray S. Smith III in a letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

“If Georgia’s historical mail-in ballot rejection rate of 2.90-3.46% is applied to the current ballot numbers, there would have been between 38,250 and 45,626 ballots rejected in the 2020 general election, rather than the number actually rejected, 4,471,” Smith added.

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“It is inconceivable that you are unwilling to take any steps to audit the Signatures before completing the current recount and proceeding to certify the results of the election where so many illegal votes may be included in your tabulations,” the attorney contended.

Smith noted that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has called for an audit of the signatures, as have Georgia Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin, who recently joined Trump’s recount team in Georgia, fully supports a review of the signatures.

“I have been on the ground for the Georgia recount since the first days, and I can tell you simply counting the votes for a third time is not good enough,” she tweeted.

“I fully agree with President Trump’s counsel that Georgia must audit signatures on all the absentee ballots received,” she added.

Multiple observers in Georgia have gone on record regarding irregularities they witnessed in the presidential election, including regarding absentee ballots.

Do you believe enough fraud occurred in Georgia to overturn the current results?

Martin tweeted last week, “9 observers in GA have signed affidavits swearing they saw suspicious mail-in ballots cast for Biden that were in pristine condition and had no creases on them. This means the ballots had not been mailed in envelopes as required, according to their affidavits.”

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Several of the irregularities were found in Fulton and DeKalb counties in the Atlanta metropolitan area, which went heavily for Biden.

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