Trump Supporters Thrilled After He Drops a 3-Word 2024 Hint Between Golf Shots


As presidential campaign announcements go, it lacked the dramatic flair of billionaire Donald Trump striding through Trump Tower in 2015 to transform American politics.

But there was a certain defiant Trumpian swagger that accompanied three words spoken on one of Trump’s golf courses in a video that is now going viral among his supporters. Because if there was nothing definite in the words themselves, there was no mistaking the impact of his comments.

The video making the rounds shows the former president walking to the first tee, decked out in his signature, red MAGA hat.

One of the golfers playing with Trump then narrated the moment.

“First on tee, 45th president of United States,” he said.

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In a heartbeat came Trump’s reply.

“45th and 47th,” Trump said.

“Yes, I love that,” one of the men in the group with Trump exclaimed before the former president hit the ball down the fairway.

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A year ago, Trump was being mocked for telling those who watched him leave Washington on the day Joe Biden was sworn in as president, “We will be back.”

“I will always fight for you. I will be watching, and I will be listening. And I will tell you that the future of this country has never been better,” he said then.

Trump’s political comeback has reached the point where Trump dominated a new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, according to The Hill, getting 57 percent of the vote among eight possible Republican candidates listed.

That and similar polls led Politico author David Siders to say of Trump, “The nomination seems almost certainly his if he wants it.”

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“Trump is the reason, primarily, that many Democrats are losing their minds over 2024, too. Biden’s public approval ratings are dismal, and Democrats fear that if Trump runs again, as is widely expected, he could win a rematch,” Siders wrote.

“All anyone can talk about is Trump — donors, policy folks, party insiders, the media,” a Democratic Party donor adviser was quoted as saying.

“It’s a weird cycle, where Dems want to talk about anything but Trump, but the conversation keeps coming back to Trump. Everything that the Dems do is viewed as bad, then compared to Trump, then analyzed to see how the GOP will run against it in the midterms, then how Trump will run against what the Dems did on the heels of a GOP wave in ’22,” the adviser said.

Trump has dropped multiple hints about 2024, often telling those asking him that his supporters will be happy with what he decides.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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