Trump-Supporting Homeowners Receive Letters Threatening To Burn Their Homes Down


A police investigation is underway after supporters of President Donald Trump were sent letters threatening to burn down their homes if President Donald Trump does not concede the election.

Letters threatening violence against a number of Trump supporters in the community of Milford, New Hampshire, are jarring, and they are just the latest example of how wholeheartedly the left has embraced violence across the country.

The letters, according to WMUR-TV, read like nothing short of a terroristic demand.

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One woman, who for obvious reasons only wanted to be referred to by her first name, told the outlet she received one of the threatening letters.

A woman named Kelly said the letter alluded to home fire insurance, implying a threat of arson.

“Dear neighbor,” the letter began, “[y]ou have been identified by our group as being a Trump supporter. Your address has been added to our database as a target when we attack should Trump not concede the election.”

Others in Milford received the letters, and police say those who were targeted had Trump signs in their yards and flags on their homes.

“This is my home. … You’re not supposed to threaten my home. … I’m very worried in the sense that this is going on in my town,” Kelly told WMUR.

Two other people in the community of Brookline, just south of Milford, also received the threatening letters.

Police in that town said at least two people reporting getting the letters.

Brookline police Chief Bill Quigley told WBUR he was “shocked” to see members of his community inundated with threats of arson.

“It’s on a felony level, because of the threat of burning homes down and causing injury, but it could also be with the postal inspectors, something on the federal level,” the chief said.

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The letters reported to police in the Granite State was sent via the USPS.

That should be good news for whoever sent the letters, as the post office is working two weeks before the election, when millions of questionable mail-in ballots could presumably overburden pollsters and undermine the election.

Do you think people who engage in political threats such as these should face terrorism charges?

But sadly, for those targeted at their homes for being brazen enough to express their First Amendment rights on their own private property, the letters bring not contentment but terror.

This year, the country has seen a culmination of events where now some apparently feel it is appropriate to threaten violence against people who hold political views not aligned with their own.

A great many factors have led us, as a country, to this juncture, but none of them stand out more than the normalization of political violence.

The left’s protests, riots and other acts of violence were excused, if not encouraged, all summer long by Democrats and the establishment media.

And if indeed these letters were sent by someone with a disdain for supporters of the president, and not as  tasteless joke, then the sleep lost by those targeted with the letters sits squarely on the shoulders of the left’s media sycophants.

Violence has no place in American political discourse.

But this goes beyond mere violence.

According to the FBI’s definition, this is terrorism.

Per the bureau, “Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as ‘the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.’”

So these peaceful Trump supporters have been given an ultimatum by leftists, which is out of their control.

If the president doesn’t concede a race that some Democrats are trying their best to rig, and which hasn’t even occurred yet, they might lose their homes.

Quigley spoke of contacting postal inspectors, but perhaps it’s time he called in the feds.

The country can no longer tolerate the normalization of political violence.

This occurred in one area, of one state, in a vast country. If threats like this are not pursued by the Justice Department, where does it end?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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