Tulsa Fire Department Comes to the Rescue After Both Cat and Owner Get Stuck in Tree


Many owners swear they’d go the extra mile for their beloved pets. There’s a huge selection of products on the market, from treats to interactive toys to clothing lines, all of which prove just how much people love their four-legged friends.

But what about when it comes to emergencies and potential dangers?

While not everyone would be ready to jump into action, there’s a large group of pet owners who would leap to help their furbabies without a second thought.

One young man from Tulsa, Oklahoma, proved his loyalty to his cat over the weekend when he attempted to rescue it from a tree.

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The cat had climbed into a tall tree and gotten stuck — as cats do. Perhaps the young (unidentified) man thought it would be an easy rescue, or perhaps the likelihood of success didn’t matter to him. But either way, he climbed up the tall tree and also got stuck.

Cats have a penchant for landing on their feet and have a reputation for using multiple lives. Humans … not so much.

So the Tulsa Fire Department came out to rescue them both and shared the story and video of the rescue on its Facebook page on June 25:

“Apparently a cat climbed high up into a tree. It’s owner was so concerned for the feline that he climbed up to attempt a rescue.

“Unfortunately, they both found themselves in a dangerous predicament high above the ground, unable to get down safely.

“When Captain (Alan) Hancock and crew arrived and accessed the scene, they requested that Captain Jacob Inbody and the Ladder 27 crew respond to utilize their aerial device.

“Acting FEO Brett Allen positioned the aerial so Firefighter Jayme Brooks could ascend and perform a safe rescue.”

Video shows the fire truck ladder extending to the tree as Brooks assisted the would-be hero out of the tree. Based on photos shared by the fire department, the cat was placed into a backpack to get it safely down from the tree.

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Instead of berating the man’s perhaps foolhardy rescue attempt, commenters either applauded the owner’s loyalty or tagged cat-loving friends, and those friends commented to say they would have done the same.

Thankfully, no one — human or feline — was injured in the incident.

Whether the cat knows how much it’s loved, at least it didn’t have to use one of its nine lives thanks to a caring owner and a dedicated fire department.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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