United We Stand: Tea Party Patriots Launches Initiative to Help Parents Fight CRT in Schools


Tea Party Patriots Action is providing helpful resources to help parents and students fight back against critical race theory being taught in schools.

The recently launched United We Stand Center provides these resources, which include an educational toolkit for confronting CRT, options for alternate educational programs for students and the ability to connect with like-minded Americans.

Currently spreading like wildfire throughout the United States, critical race theory is a highly subjective academic philosophy that teaches students to become racial justice activists.

CRT is neo-Marxist (categorizes all people as either “oppressed” or “oppressors”) and teaches that modern-day American social-structures and institutions are all inherently racist without providing a sufficient standard of proof to support that claim.

Many schools across the country have adopted this perverse doctrine and are currently teaching it to young American children.

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The educational toolkit provided by the United We Stand Center provides an in-depth history and breakdown of critical race theory, giving parents the upper hand over pro-CRT educators.

This includes explaining how terms such as “systemic racism,” “racial equality” and “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” among others, have been used to distort the truth.

The toolkit then goes on to equip students and parents with exactly how they should respond to these ideas should a confrontation with school officials or teachers become necessary.

Tea Party Patriots Action also recently announced a July initiative encouraging Americans to confront their local school boards — National Attend a School Board Meeting Month.

If you’d like to get involved with the United We Stand Center, click here.

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