Video: Reporter Asks Biden the 1 Question Every American Wants Answered


President Joe Biden campaigned on transparency in his administration, arguing that he would provide a contrast from his eccentric predecessor.

After a speech last week about the economy, Biden did not take questions from the media and walked off the stage, despite saying, “Thank you for your time. I have plenty of time to talk.”

The gaggle of reporters began shouting questions at the president, and most eventually piped down as he exited.

However, one reporter could be heard very clearly asking, “When will you answer our questions, sir?”

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Although the question was rhetorical, it was fair to ask.

Biden knew that reporters were going to have questions about the economy, especially after he announced the move to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in a desperate effort to lower gas prices, but decided not to take any.

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Even though the establishment media tends to throw softballs at the commander-in-chief, they will occasionally ask something that goes against his talking points. He did not even give those journalists a chance to help clarify the concerns of the American people.

It’s not like his public address that day was the turkey pardon; it was supposed to be a serious event about the United States’ financial woes.

Instead, Biden turned it into another political circus that left Americans high and dry.

The media is supposed to be the watchdog of the government, but Biden assumes that journalists will simply take his side and defend his agenda.

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Perhaps the worst part is that the media has given him no reason to believe he will be held accountable, so why would he feel compelled to answer their questions in the first place?

“President Biden is incapable of defending his disastrous policies,” Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton tweeted about the ordeal.

Cotton is correct — Biden automatically relies on the left-leaning media to do his bidding.

Biden and his press secretary Jen Psaki might like to promote the idea that they are single-handedly restoring democracy. But their lack of transparency is appalling.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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