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Viral Video Shows Little Boy Crying After Anti-Gun Santa Ruins His Christmas

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Welcome to Christmas 2020 Edition, where Santa Claus is woke, and he’s not above making children cry if their politics aren’t aligned with those of Beto O’Rourke.

A man portraying Santa is going viral online after he allegedly refused to affirm to a small boy that he would stick a toy NERF gun under his Christmas tree on Dec. 24.

Woke Santa Claus doesn’t like guns, so rather than appease a masked child who is likely being tormented somewhere by the miseries of remote school learning, the man let his anti-gun views dictate the conversation.

In a video shared online by conservative commentary Matt Walsh, the small boy asked Santa for the NERF toy.

“How did nobody in this line including the mother step up and give the fat man in the suit a piece of their mind?” Walsh commented.

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Naturally, the tradition of sitting on Santa’s lap is out the window, so a socially distant visit had to suffice.

Santa impersonally broke the kid’s heart from across a table.

The boy asked for the timeless kid’s toy, but Santa the Grinch wasn’t having it.

It’s unclear where or when the video was filmed, but it’s heartbreaking.

Walsh added in a tweet that the video could be faked since the camera shows mainly the child speaking.

“On the other hand this could be fake I guess. The camera doesn’t show Santa speaking, only the child. I’d like to think someone dubbed in his part as a joke. I’m a hopeless optimist.”

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The video shows that the child had asked for the popular toy but was apparently given a firm no from no-so-jolly Saint Nick.

“Nope, not even a Nerf gun,” woke Kris Kringle said to the boy.

The child, through tears, protested and explained that NERF guns are not real guns.

“Nope. If your dad wants to get it for you that’s fine, but I can’t bring it to you,” Santa the hippie said.

A woman who is assumed to be the mother of the child eventually intervened to stop the madness.

But the damage was done, and the boy was left feeling Scrooged.

You’d have to assume the clown playing Santa wouldn’t be above telling a little girl that My Little Pony toys are too gendered for Christmas.

Thank the good Lord Easy-Bake ovens are no longer the rage.

Leftists have always hated Christmas, but now they’re literally bringing their anti-gun politics to the table when dealing with children.

Hopefully, the boy will get that special toy gun from mom or dad.

As for the leftist portraying himself as Santa, he deserves to be triggered with a stocking full of West Virginia coal.

Not because coal is that bad of a gift, but to remind him that America, for now, is still energy independent.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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