War on Christmas: SNL Has Baby Jesus Learn to Twerk While Father Joseph Becomes a Pimp


The left has declared a full-scale war on the true meaning of Christmas. If you want evidence, all you have to do is look at the weekend’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

In one skit, musical guest and host Billie Eilish and SNL veteran Heidi Gardner played two dance teachers tasked with putting on a live Nativity.

Eilish explained that the scene would be “a free-form hip-hop live Nativity” as Gardner nodded along. The two then began teaching the people portraying characters from the Bible story of Jesus’ birth.

Gardner first called over the man playing Joseph, Jesus’ father.

“So now, you’re going to enter with a pimp walk,” she said. When Joseph expressed confusion, Gardner proceeded to demonstrate the “pimp walk.”

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As she thrust her waist and motioned to her crotch, she said the attitude Joseph should be portraying with his walk was, “I’m Joseph, I’m a baby daddy now.”

At this point, every Christian watching the events transpire was likely appalled. Sadly, it got worse.

After sending Joseph to the corner to practice his “pimp walk,” Gardner and Eilish taught the donkeys how to “pop their butt.”

The person portraying baby Jesus then expressed concern.

Do you think this skit was offensive?

“Sorry, just throwing this out there, but I’d be totally cool just doing what we practiced, you know, ditching the whole free-form hip-hop thing,” he said.

Gardner promptly dismissed baby Jesus and instructed him to “please just focus on your twerking.”

Before getting to the most disgusting part of the skit, it is important to recognize the significance of this dismissal. It is clear that SNL means to paint the person playing baby Jesus as some sort of killjoy for suggesting that a “free-form hip-hop Nativity scene” might not be appropriate.

The larger implication, of course, is that anyone who criticizes this contamination of the Christmas story is a stick in the mud who should be ignored.

It is almost like SNL knew it would receive backlash for this shameless skit and tried to get out in front of it by belittling anyone who expressed concern.

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Continuing with the skit, Gardner called baby Jesus to the center of the room and took off his cloak. As she examined the shirtless boy wearing only short shorts, she asked, “Do you not have a butt?”

To fix this supposed issue, Gardner and Eilish began stuffing hay into the boy’s shorts. He then began to shake his rear up and down, at which point Eilish exclaimed, “He can actually twerk!”

“It’s a miracle!” Gardner said.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the following video offensive.

Finally, Gardner called the woman playing the virgin Mary to the center and asked her if she was comfortable on a stripper pole. When Mary expressed concern, Gardner told her to “go grind on the wall” while going to dance on the pole herself.

The scene ended with all the characters of the sacred Bible story dancing provocatively and a newspaper flashing on screen that read, “Hip Hop Pageant Saves Christmas, Lin-Manuel Miranda To Direct Film Version.”

Outside of the subtle jab at Miranda, there was nothing amusing about this sick stunt. There are some things that should be off-limits when it comes to cheap satire, and the virgin birth of our savior is certainly one of them.

Sadly, this is all part of the left’s attack on Christmas, along with the demands to replace “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays.”

There is a reason that keeping the “Christ” in Christmas is important, and it is to maintain the holiness of this sacred event.

Otherwise, we end up with baby Jesus twerking on stage.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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