Washington Post Fact-Checker Comes Under Fire for Discontinuing Biden False Statement Database


The Washington Post was quickly criticized after it announced it would discontinue its presidential fact-checking database.

Glenn Kessler, editor and chief writer of The Post’s Fact Checker, tweeted the announcement late Monday, saying that his team would continue to fact-check President Joe Biden “rigorously” but would not be maintaining the database.

“Here’s the Biden database — which we do not plan to extend beyond 100 days. I have learned my lesson,” Kessler tweeted.

“‘Learned my lesson’ means that who knows what the next four years will bring. We have fact-checked Biden rigorously and will continue to do so. Trump at 500 claims/100 days was manageable; 8,000+ was not.”

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Kessler added, “Maintaining the Trump database over four years required about 400 additional 8-hour days over four years beyond our regular jobs for three people. Biden is off to a relatively slow start but who knows what will happen. We will keep doing fact checks, just not a database.”

The Fact Checker column was started in 2007 during the 2008 presidential campaign and was revived as a permanent feature on Jan. 11, 2011, according to The Washington Post.

During the Obama administration, the team fact-checked over 250 statements by then-President Barack Obama after it came back from its hiatus, The Post reported.

Do you think The Fact Checker should continue the presidential database?

The Post maintained a database of fact-checked claims from then-President Donald Trump during his time in office.

People were quick to criticize the decision to discontinue the Biden database.

“‘Who has the time to fact check the President’ — ‘fact check’ who wrote 2500 words on whether Tim Scott’s grandfather *ackshually* had it tough as the Senator makes it sound, ya know, being black in the 1920s South Carolina,” one Twitter user said.

Another user added, “‘Fact-checking’ is a corrupt enterprise which you have perfected.”

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“You guys aren’t even hiding your bias anymore, are you?” one woman tweeted.

“DO A DATABASE. This is your job. A database for every single president and politician. It is YOUR job to fact-check them & keep them handy for everyone. Come on, man. but go ahead and enjoy your 4-year vacation. Thanks for confirming your bias,” she added.

The Washington Post Fact Checker publishes a variety of articles fact-checking and analyzing politicians’ rhetoric.

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