Watch: Concerning Moment Biden Freezes Up, 'Looks as If He Is Going to Croak'


Look at any article in the legacy media about allegations that the 2020 election was stolen.

The article will usually include a phrase reading something like “…such claims have been proven false…,” essentially an editorial comment in what is supposed to be a straight-down-the-line news story.

Look at President Joe Biden. If Democrats plan to run this guy again in 2024 it’s obvious they’re planning to steal that election (or, if you like, they’re planning to steal that election, too) whether or not Biden is even aware of it.

Here is Biden in a Monday news conference discussing the avoidance of the government shutdown and responding to a reporter’s question about being able to have future trust in Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, given the pressures the speaker’s own party is placing upon him.

The sound bite was captured on X, formerly known as Twitter, by Collin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics, who says Biden “looks as if he is going to croak after he suddenly lost his train of thought during a press conference at the White House.”

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Comments following the tweet by Rugg and others include the appearance of weakness and confusion by Biden as a bad sign to U.S. allies.

Two users under Rugg’s X post — John “Jacky” and Michael Porter — noted Biden’s appearance was not that bad if the entire video is viewed in context.

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Okay. If you have 8 and a half minutes, you can watch the entire video below.

You’ll see Biden enters with the gait and energy of perhaps any 80-year-old grandfather. He steps to the podium, cracks a lame joke about how late in the day it is, and begins addressing the spending bill issues.

Obviously using a teleprompter, Biden speaks in the manner of perhaps anyone else his age, although his speech is marred by what has come to be his trademark slurring of words and mumbling.

Without commenting on the truth or falsity of what Biden is saying, this writer’s observation of the ongoing news conference video notes the president stirring up a bit of passion as he makes accusations against what he calls “MAGA Republicans” wanting to cut spending.

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But by about four minutes in, he settles down into a runallhiswordstogether mumbling. At this point Biden seems to be just phoning it in, but recovers his passion as he addresses ongoing support for Ukraine.

“And I want to assure our American allies and the American people and the people of Ukraine that you can count on our support – we will not walk away.

“The vast majority of both parties – I’ll say it again – Democrats and Republicans, Senate and House, support helping Ukraine in the brutal aggression that is being thrust on them by Russia.”

Again, no comment on the veracity or wisdom of what Biden was saying, but it is notable that at that point in his remarks, he probably sounded as good as any president who was a poor speaker (Lyndon Johnson and Gerald Ford come to mind) or a stilted corporate CEO with no communication ability.

Thirty seconds go by and the mumble comes in and out, the Big Guy seems a bit lower key (although he takes another two swipes at MAGA Republicans), and by about the six minute mark some fatigue is beginning to show and while the words continue, the expressions in the president’s eyes indicate he may not be fully connecting with what he is saying.

He has a good command of language as a reporter asks a question, but when a second question comes, Biden’s eyes seem to be glazing over. He gives a brief answer to a third question.

Then comes the fourth question and a followup question about trusting McCarthy.

Joe Biden’s body has had enough. The words come slowly. What was once the glib tongue of a lifelong politician fails him.

Another question. The president mutters some things about MAGA Republicans, closes his notebook, smiles, says “Thank you,” and shuffles away from the podium and through a door.

Some X users wanted to know, “Is Biden okay here?”

It’s sad. But not about an old man being stretched beyond his physical capability.

It’s sad that this man’s party and adjacent media continue to blow smoke about Our Leader’s wonderful accomplishments and insult our intelligence by chirping that they’re going to run him for re-election.

It’s sad for a nation needing leadership.

It’s sad for its citizens suffering from terror in the streets, expensive commodities like energy and fuel (with Biden’s people crushing them further), and from knowing their country is suffering from an uncontrolled invasion.

It’s sad for the allies that have been dependent upon the U.S. now seeing the diminished character in what was once the bully pulpit.

It’s sad that this is the man to activate the nuclear controls for a missile launch (which both Democrats and Republicans seem to be pushing us toward).

It’s sad for America.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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