Watch: Defenseless Woman Escapes Alleged Stalker with Less Than a Second to Spare


The New York City Police Department is looking for a suspect who allegedly attempted to enter a Bronx woman’s dwelling last month after following her home in the middle of the night.

Based on video footage from the NYPD Crime Stoppers, the suspect allegedly followed the woman to her apartment building and then ran after her down the hallway toward her door. Video appeared to show the woman frantically unlocking the door before she rushed inside and shut it in the suspect’s face with just a split-second to spare.

Based on the video, the suspect appeared to try opening the door and ringing the doorbell before giving up.

It absolutely chills one’s blood to consider what may have happened had the woman not managed to get into her apartment on time.

The suspect is wanted for attempted robbery, but might have been wanted for far more serious crimes if they had gained the advantage over the woman.

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The last few terrifying moments of the incident were captured on security cameras:

The incident occurred around 2 a.m. on Sept. 23 on E. 168 Street and Sherman Avenue in the Bronx.

Police are offering a reward of up to $3,500 for information about the identity of the suspect.

Of course, as you’re likely aware, the NYPD has a lot on its plate with climbing crime rates as they attempt to keep law and order in a locality that’s being run by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who could quite credibly be accused of expressing more sympathy for criminals than the fine officers of the once-greatest police department in the world.

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De Blasio is the poster child for bad Democratic policies that empower criminals. That’s on top of New York City’s long history of animosity toward the Second Amendment.

After all, if the terrified potential victim who made her narrow escape last month wants to take measures to defend herself should a similar incident occur in the future, she’s going to have some serious hoops to jump through thanks to the city’s severely restrictive concealed carry laws.

Few things are more infuriating — or counterintuitive — than policymakers who claim to be committed to reducing violence by restricting the ability of law-abiding innocents to defend themselves on the streets or in their homes.

Is gun control dangerous for law-abiding citizens?

It is a wild error to assume that restricting legal access to firearms will somehow reduce criminal use of firearms. In cities like New York and Chicago, those who obey the law are made all the more vulnerable by the vacuum created when it is only those who disregard laws to begin with who still carry weapons.

It’s not that complicated. Restricting the Second Amendment inevitably restricts the right to self-defense.

This woman’s last resort shouldn’t have been her apartment door. Women everywhere deserve to have the security and protection of more than hoping for a narrow escape.

The only people who are empowered by Democratic policies — be it their animosity of law enforcement, their leniency in the justice system, or their attack on the Second-Amendment right to keep and bear arms — are criminals.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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