Watch Dem Senate Candidate Warnock Mock Churchgoers Who Defend Themselves with Guns


In December 2019, a man walked into a church in Texas and fatally shot two people before he was himself shot and killed by an armed member of the congregation.

The incident occurred in White Settlement, Texas, and it happened two years after another man walked into another Texas church and killed more than two dozen people in the community of Sutherland Springs.

If it were up to Democrat Raphael Warnock, who hopes to unseat GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler in next month’s Georgia Senate runoff, the White Settlement shooting would have looked a lot like the massacre in Sutherland Springs.

A newly unearthed video shows Warnock, a pastor himself, balking at the idea of congregants carrying guns into church to protect themselves and others from evil.

Warnock actually mocked those who carry concealed firearms to protect themselves.

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In a video dropped by the National Rifle Association on Twitter on Monday, the reverend was dismissive of self-defense.

Apparently he thinks Christians should lie down to be slaughtered in their pews.

Warnock took aim at Georgia’s Safe Carry Protection Act, which in 2014 gave Georgians more legal avenues to protect themselves in some places.

Some of those places included churches.

Do you think the Republicans will win both of the Georgia Senate runoffs?

“Church leaders will now be able to decide whether to allow their congregations to bring guns into their buildings. Right now, bringing guns into houses of worship is illegal,” NBC News reported at the time.

“Under the Safe Carry Protection Act, if a gun license holder brings a gun into church against the wishes of that church’s leaders, the gun owner will be fined $100. If a non-license holder brings a gun to that same church, he or she will be guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Rather than expect innocent worshipers to remain vulnerable from anti-faith lunatics, Georgians were given a choice to protect themselves.

Similar liberties worked out for Christians in White Settlement.

But Warnock would apparently rather any future potential incidents at churches in Georgia, or you’d assume elsewhere, look more like the aftermath of the First Baptist Church massacre in Sutherland Springs.

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“Somebody decided that they had a bright idea to pass a piece of legislation that will allow for guns and concealed weapons to be carried in churches,” Warnock said dismissively in the video shared by the NRA.

Warnock laughed, as did others on the video.

The NRA spliced in footage of Jack Wilson, who killed the homicidal perp in White Settlement in 2019.

In that clip, Wilson said he “took the shot” that ended a potential massacre at his church, leaving Keith Thomas Kinnunen dead.

Thank God Wilson the hero didn’t hesitate to take that shot.

The NRA video also shared the account of Stephen Willeford, who used his AR-15 to shoot and fatally wound Devin Patrick Kelley following the Sutherland Springs massacre.

The clip concluded with Warnock saying places such as church meetings are the “last place” for firearms.

The NRA added that Georgians have a “clear choice” on Jan. 5.

That choice is Loeffler versus Warnock, and it couldn’t be more clear.

Next month, we will know whether a Second Amendment-supporting Christian businesswoman or an anti-gun radical Democrat will represent Georgians in the Senate.

More importantly, we will know whether that choice will help the GOP retain the Senate and therefore prevent others like Warnock from forcing their radical views on the rest of the country.

If Warnock would ask his congregation to face the same fate as those nine souls who were murdered by evil while attempting to study the Bible at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015, then who else might the radical Democrat be willing to sacrifice to serve his own leftist ideology?

A man who’d be derelict in his duties as a shepherd for Christians would probably have few reservations about helping Democrats surrender the entire country to the wolves of the world.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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