Watch: Greg Gutfeld on Who's Doing Well Under Biden: 'Murderers, Thugs, Thieves, 2022 GOP Candidates'


President Joe Biden and his cast of Democratic characters are getting terrible reviews from the American people because they deserve them, according to Fox News host Greg Gutfeld.

On Friday’s edition of “Gutfeld!,” the host noted that there is no convoluted political reason why Americans are dissatisfied with Biden, just the reality of everyday life, which with Biden in charge hits low-income and minority Americans the hardest.

“Stores close, prices rise. Who can handle that besides plywood salesmen? Well, also rich whites who just order off Amazon or send their assistants to another store,” he said.

“So the Dems are screwed, and they deserve it. Here’s why. You can’t obsess over woke concerns and also fight crime or inflation. The hard left priorities have taken up all the shelf space in Joe’s limited brain, so there’s an opportunity cost to this identity politics.

“And ironically, it’s affecting the identities that the left claim to defend. So you got an aimless, unconcerned president who seems to be the only person that wants to go to vacation in Delaware in winter,” he continued.

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“You got a media and party trying to salvage a dying administration, and you have an emboldened left who thinks crime is what you deserve.

“Remember when the press said this was going to be so much better than Trump? Who knew they meant better for murderers, thugs, thieves and 2022 Republican candidates?” he concluded.

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Gutfeld summed up Biden’s America as “a country plagued by random crime, hopeless violence, inflation, government tracking and a disintegrating border.”

Gutfeld noted that many of Biden’s defenders use the “things have been worse” defense.

“Now, technically, they could be right if they were talking about Pearl Harbor, the Hindenburg or scrunchies. But imagine if you use the ‘it’s been worse’ excuse about climate change or racism,” he said.

“Yet they use it on crime and inflation, the things that affect the poor and working-class and minorities that they claim to protect.

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“Look on the bright side, it’s not an all-time high for murder. Just a 25-year high. Right now as inflation rises, so does mass theft, which is closing stores and forcing remaining businesses to lock up their goods and then raise more prices,” he continued.

Gutfeld also slammed the Dems for trying to take credit for the end of the pandemic, saying “Nice try.”

Noting a Pew Research poll that showed only about 20 percent of those surveyed believe Biden will succeed, Gutfeld said that “the reason why Americans think Joe is doing nothing for them is because he’s doing nothing for them. And his own loony left, whom he relies on now for everything, thinks the public concerns are laughable.”

Gutfeld trotted out an anecdote about the Rev. Al Sharpton to prove his point.

“Al Sharpton, of all people, says the government must end the crime wave, and he got mocked for it by the left. He was complaining how drug stores have to lock up toothpaste now. And really, the last thing we want is someone with a mouth as big as his not to brush his teeth,” Gutfeld said.

“So we’re at weird times when suddenly Al Sharpton sounds like William F. Buckley.”

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