Watch: Mexican Federal Police Fold Within Seconds of Contact with Massive New Caravan


Leaving the ineffectual resistance of Mexican federal police behind them, thousands of migrants streamed north toward America’s southern border on Saturday.

A caravan of 3,000 people briefly struggled with about 400 police near the city of Tapachula close to the Guatemala border, according to Reuters.

Video showed a brief resistance on the part of the authorities, who broke and allowed the migrants, some carrying children, to dash past them.

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Irineo Mujica, who said he is among the caravan’s organizers, said a Mexico City protest is part of the plan, according to Reuters.

Mujica said migrants are protesting the fact that Mexico has tried to detain previous groups that have flooded into Mexico or demanded documents migrants do not have.

The migrants came from Haiti, South America and Central America.

The group is not the only one ready to stream into the U.S.

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A group of about 20,000 people is currently amassing near the northern Colombian town of Necocli, an unnamed Department of Homeland Security official reportedly told NBC.

Customs and Border Protection has said there were more than 1.7 million migrant encounters in Fiscal Year 2021, according to Fox News — a record high.

The leader of the caravan heading through Mexico had angry words for efforts to stop them and lashed out at Mexico.

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“Money is not going to solve the problem, throwing it to governments like Mexico where they put people from the south border to the northern border is not the solution,” Mujica said in a video. “They should give them papers here; they should give them the opportunity to work here.”

“Because a lot of them don’t want to go to the U.S., but the Biden administration, with this administration, it’s like pulling them like cattle,” he said.

Mujica also has some harsh words for U.S. leaders, according to WKRN-TV.

“They’re just in denial of their own fault, you know? They haven’t been able to handle immigration,” he said.

“If I tell you the truth, I believe at least with Donald Trump we knew what we had. With Biden, we don’t know. He doesn’t seem to have a clue what to do with immigration because he says one thing and does another.”

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