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Watch: Security Camera Captures Jaw-Dropping Moment Crowded Balcony Collapses

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A stunning video shows the moment a packed balcony at a Southern California party collapsed this past weekend and sent more than a dozen people plunging to the rocky ground below.

Nearby security video shared online by KCBS-TV reporter Mike Rogers showed that amid what appeared to be a carefree gathering at a beach house in Malibu on Saturday, a crowd of people gathered on a balcony that was not prepared to handle all of the weight.

The balcony gave way and sent those people plunging to the ground below.

“Shocking video of the moments a balcony collapses in #Malibu injuring several people,” Rogers tweeted.

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The video shows the structure collapse, but cuts off soon after.

According to KCBS, county fire officials said six people were transported to the hospital after sustaining varying injuries. Two of those people were critically injured.

An additional five people were treated at the scene. Fire officials said 15 people were on the balcony when it collapsed.

Do you think the homeowner should be held liable for the balcony's collapse?

The home where the injuries occurred had been rented out for the weekend, according to the woman who owns the property. She told KCBS that those who rented out the beach home were only supposed to have six people at the house, but 30 people showed up, leading neighbors to alert her.

The homeowner said that after she attempted to intervene with the renters, the balcony crashed 15 feet to the ground below.

One witness of the incident described the situation.

“We heard a crack, and I literally saw all my best friends and my girlfriend fall 15-feet to the rocks. The deck just literally gave out. It could’ve been a lot worse, but it’s pretty awful,” that person said.

The home where the party was held has since been declared uninhabitable. The homeowner told KCBS that in addition to the deck collapse, the home was targeted with vandalism.

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And the woman might soon face a legal battle where she is the defendant.

According to KCBS, some of those injured after falling from the collapsed balcony intend to sue her.

“Some of my clients have orthopedic issues. One of them hit their head,” lawyer Shervin Lalezary, who is representing four injured clients, told KCBS.

The homeowner did express sympathy for those who were hurt.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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