Watch: Something Afoot? Even Lefty CNN Is Slamming Biden's Pathological Lies


So is this a sign that CNN is abandoning far leftism?

Or is this a sign that the far left is abandoning President Joe Biden?

It’s almost assuredly the latter — and that should be setting off all manner of alarms on Team Biden.

Look, it’s no secret that the incumbent president is deeply unpopular and has been for a while.

Despite that, for much of his presidency, there has been a vocal and loud sect of the establishment still rah-rahing for Biden, turning a blind eye to many of the president’s glaring faults: The most progressive of Democrats and their establishment media shills.

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CNN, which is very much establishment and very much chock full of shills, started off in total lockstep, but cracks began to emerge.

At the tail end of 2021, not even a full year into Biden’s presidency, CNN talking heads began openly opining about potential replacements for the unpopular and elderly Biden.

Now, when dealing with a historically unpopular president who would be historically old at the start of a second term, it only makes total sense to begin thinking about filling out that bench behind him.

A charitable interpretation of the network’s 2021 critique of Biden could be that it was little more than due diligence as CNN continues to carry water for Democrats. Of course you want to talk about viable candidates who could be next in line.

Do you think Biden is a pathological liar?

What’s not nearly as explicable was a viral segment CNN ran on Thursday, where the network wasn’t so much trying to fill out a bench behind Biden so much as engaging in the old-timey prank of pulling out the chair from underneath the octogenarian.

You can watch the clip, where CNN lists and openly calls out Biden’s numerous brazen lies, below:

All manner of pundits seized on the video and ran with it — but can you blame them?

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This is CNN for crying out loud, a network that bleeds blue for Democrats and all leftist causes.

This is a network that could gloss over raging infernos as “mostly peaceful” protesting … but suddenly couldn’t deal with Biden’s own warped take on reality?

To be clear, Biden absolutely deserves to be called out for fibbing as often as he does (and it is often), but it’s also more than fair to ask why exactly CNN is jumping on this bandwagon, and why they’re jumping on it now.

With just over a year to go until the 2024 general election, it seems CNN might have received its marching orders from their leftist overlords (whomever that might be) that it’s time to install a new puppet … er, POTUS … at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Why? Because for as much of a useful idiot that Biden has been for the left, he still needs to, you know, win a general election to continue to serve as that useful idiot.

And there is now mounting evidence that Biden will not cakewalk into a second term, and that’s plenty cause for consternation if you’re on the left.

So if Biden is more “idiot” than “useful” to the left, of course, the left is ready to move on from him for, say, California Gov. Gavin Newsom or former first lady Michelle Obama.

Well, it’s either all that or CNN actually is abandoning its leftism.

Which do you think is more likely?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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