Whoopi Goldberg Calls Ed.D. Jill Biden 'a Hell of a Doctor' Who Would Be Great Surgeon General


Whoopi Goldberg, the actress and comedian who serves as the moderator of the ABC daytime talk show “The View,” fancies herself an astute political mind.

Whining, complaining and refusing to call President Donald Trump by his name, Goldberg serves up her insights on the world of politics each weekday.

The audience members, like trained seals, invariably applaud whatever she says — even when she humiliates herself, as she did Wednesday.

Goldberg is a devout liberal. She toes the liberal line the way many of us toe the conservative line, and that is OK.

But what is not OK is not doing research when you have a platform where so many people see and hear you and believe what you say.

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Then you have a responsibility to be accurate in what you are telling your viewers.

Which is why it had to be embarrassing for the 64-year-old when she peddled Dr. Jill Biden, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, to be the surgeon general if her husband wins in November.

It would have been OK if not for the fact that the “Dr.” title that Jill Biden has does not have anything to do with medicine.

As the Los Angeles Times mentioned in a 2009 piece, Biden has a doctorate of education that she earned in 2007 from the University of Delaware.

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“We have to move on about Biden’s big win last night, and I have to say, this group of people at the table rarely agree on anything, but we were all holding out for Biden and said not to count him out,” Meghan McCain, one of the show’s co-hosts, told the audience.

“All the women on the show got a lot of criticism because we said don’t count him out. It’s like the one thing that’s really united us. So ‘The View’ was a little right — just saying,” she said.

Moments later, Goldberg said, “I’m hoping Dr. Jill becomes the surgeon general, his wife,” which drew a little laugh from ABC News correspondent Jon Karl.

“Joe Biden’s wife,” she said. “She would never do it but, yeah, she’s a hell of a doctor. She’s an amazing doctor.”

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Her co-hosts corrected her, but the damage had been done.

She proclaimed Jill Biden an “amazing” and “wonderful” doctor, which would lead one to believe that Goldberg had some knowledge of her medical exploits.

But since her medical achievements are nonexistent, Goldberg had no reason, other than the fact that she is Joe Biden’s wife, to call her “wonderful” and “amazing.”

What medical achievements amazed you, Whoopi? What did she do that was full of wonder?

Those are the questions her co-hosts should have asked.

The only thing that Goldberg knows about Jill Biden is that she is a Democrat, and that was all she needed to know to tout her imaginary medical record as “wonderful” and amazing.”

Perhaps Dr. Biden could amaze us all by surgically removing Whoopi’s foot from her mouth.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

CORRECTION, Dec. 17, 2020: This article’s headline originally implied that Jill Biden had earned a doctor of philosophy degree, when, in fact, she actually earned a doctor of education degree. We apologize to Jill Biden, and our readers, for the error.

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