Woman Finds Fake Floor in Storage Closet, Discovers There's More to Her House Than She Ever Realized


A woman took to TikTok to share the “scary” basement she discovered under the floorboards of her Birmingham, U.K. home earlier this month.

According to Newsweek, the TikToker posting under the name Abi “revealed a whole new level had been discovered in their home, after uncovering a flight of stairs inside a cupboard” that adjoins the kitchen.

She shared a clip of the discovery online, revealing the dark, grimy underground room and a set of stairs leading to the fake floor above.

“We usually put the hoover in that spot over the stairs and it sounded hollow,” Abi said. “I can’t believe what we just found in our storage cupboard. Someone has 100% been down here. Wtf.”

But it was clear the room had been unoccupied for quite some time.

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The space, complete with brick walls, some shelves and poster remnants, hadn’t been accessed in approximately 20 years, Abi said.

Newsweek reported that one wall “features a built-in archway, suggesting it may have been a focal point when it was a functioning part of the property.”

But what exactly is this mysterious underground room?

As her video garnered hundreds of thousands of views, TikTokers offered their best guesses as to what this spare room could’ve been.

Do you believe Abi's underground room was once a WW2 bunker?

“It’s a WW2 bunker,” one said.

“It’s called a cellar … Most old Victorian houses have them. We have one,” said another.

Abi said she didn’t know what she would do with the extra room, but the unique and arguably creepy experience led others to offer their own ideas of how Abi could use the additional space to her benefit.

Some believe she could renovate the space and turn it into a functional room or rent it out and make a profit. Another suggested she should close up the room and act as if she never found it.

Regardless, this unique find proves that things aren’t always what they seem to be and we can never know just what to expect.

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How many other homeowners are unaware of hidden rooms in their homes?

So what is Abi’s mysterious underground room? A bunker? A cellar? A basement?

We don’t really know. That’s up to you to decide.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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