Woman Nodding at Trump Town Hall Identified: Hispanic Beauty Queen and Ex-Candidate


The woman who sat behind President Donald Trump during his NBC News town hall Thursday in Miami and nodded along as he made many of his points has been identified as Mayra Joli.

Joli is an immigration attorney who ran for Congress in 2018 as a pro-Trump candidate, according to the Miami Herald.

She ran as an independent in Florida’s 27th Congressional District, garnering 2.5 percent of the vote. (Democrat Donna Shalala, who was secretary of health and human services in the Clinton administration, won the seat.)

Joli posted a video on Facebook of her interaction with the president following the town hall event at the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

“We have your back! You see, you see, you are the best,” Joli can be heard saying.

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Trump asked her where she is from and she said, “I’m from the Dominican Republic, but I’m American. I’m an American.”

“I appreciate all the support,” the president replied.

Joli is an immigration attorney and five-time beauty queen who appears on Spanish-language television, the Herald reported.

Did you appreciate this woman's support of the president during the town hall?

She also is a Trump supporter who said the president inspired her to run in 2018.

“I am not looking to run because I need a paycheck, like Donald Trump. I’m not looking to run because I need fame, like Donald Trump. I’m running because I need this country to succeed,” Joli said.

She gained national attention Thursday night when she nodded and gave a thumbs up while the president made his case for a second term.

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“We have the strongest economy in the world. We closed it up,” Trump said during the event.

“We are coming around the corner. The vaccines are coming out soon, and our economy is strong. We are at a level with jobs like we’ve never been before. We’ve rebuilt our military. We’ve rebuilt our borders. We had no borders. We had no nothing. We’ve rebuilt so much,” he said, according to a transcript from Rev.

“We’ve given you the greatest tax cut in the history of our country,” the president said. “Greatest regulation cut, equally as important. And we created new levels of jobs that nobody thought was possible. And next year is going to be better than ever before.”

Joli was nicknamed the “#RedMaskLady” by Twitter users.

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