Worshipers Circumvent Nevada Church Service Restrictions, Flood Casino To Praise God


Mingling praise, protest and politics, “Evangelicals for Trump” gathered Thursday at the Ahern Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

The event’s purpose was to rally supporters of President Donald Trump while also protesting Nevada laws that limit the number of people in a church to 50 and let casinos fill up to 50 percent capacity, according to Fox News.

“In a time when many Nevadans can’t go to church because of overreaching restrictions, President Trump’s campaign is bringing together evangelicals from across the community to pray, worship and discuss key issues facing Americans in the November election,” Trump 2020 deputy national press secretary Ken Farnaso told Fox in a statement.

“President Trump is an ally for our religious communities in the White House. Joe Biden is pushing a socialist agenda with taxpayer-funded abortions and would trounce on religious liberties. It couldn’t be more clear that President Trump is the only candidate who will fight for the values of evangelical voters.”

The rally drew about 500 people and enough attention from the state of Nevada that the hotel was socked with a $250 fine for violating the ban on gatherings of more than 50 people, according to KLAS-TV.

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“Packed house at #EvangelicalsForTrump prayer & praise event in Las Vegas. NV Governor banned church services but casinos can operate at 50% capacity. So we are praying in a casino,” tweeted Ralph Reed, the chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Democratic Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak condemned the event and was rebuked for doing so.

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Nevada won a Supreme Court decision that supported its cap on public gatherings, which placed more stringent restrictions on churches than casinos.

Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in dissent:

“In Nevada, it seems, it is better to be in entertainment than religion. Maybe that is nothing new. But the First Amendment prohibits such obvious discrimination against the exercise of religion.”

“The world we inhabit today, with a pandemic upon us, poses unusual challenges. But there is no world in which the Constitution permits Nevada to favor Caesars Palace over Calvary Chapel,” he added.

Justice Samuel Alito also dissented from the majority.

“The Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion. It says nothing about freedom to play craps or blackjack, to feed tokens into a slot machine or to engage in any other game of chance,” he wrote.

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