Young Waitress Allegedly Beaten and Kidnapped by Customers Who Left Without Paying


A group of customers allegedly kidnapped and assaulted a waitress after she tried to stop them from leaving her restaurant without paying for their meal.

As WSYX-TV reported, the incident occurred around 11:15 p.m. on Saturday at the Nifty Fifty’s in Turnersville, New Jersey. Police in the Washington Township area were searching for the suspects caught on surveillance video who are believed to have been involved in the attack.

According to police, the waitress gave chase after realizing the five customers were attempting to skip out on their $70 bill.

As seen in the video, the suspects abducted the 20-year-old waitress after she ran outside the restaurant and approached their car. After one of the suspects exited the vehicle, the rest of the group drove away with the waitress inside.

“They pulled her into the vehicle and assaulted her inside the vehicle,” Washington Township Police Chief Patrick Gurcsik said.

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“The vehicle headed north on Route 42, made a U-turn and was heading south towards Monroe Township, and pushed her out of the vehicle.”

After managing to run back to the restaurant and call the police, the waitress was taken to the hospital, as she suffered multiple bruises and a possible concussion as a result of the abduction.

She has since been released from the hospital, according to the report.

The incident prompted the police to warn wait staff against confronting customers who attempt to leave without paying.

“Do not chase after accused suspects and confront them yourselves,” Gurcsik said.

Instead, the police have advised workers to avoid the potential dangers associated with such a confrontation by noting the customers’ license plates and calling the authorities.

The attack on the waitress reportedly has left many of the restaurant staff shaken. One of the waitress’ co-workers, John Hill, expressed outrage about the assault in an interview with WSYX.

“Say it ain’t so,” Hill said. “As an employee, that makes me feel bad. And mad.”

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But the restaurant employee was not the only person to share his feelings about the incident with the outlet.

Stacie Garris-Oliver, a Lindenwold, New Jersey, resident and Nifty Fifty’s patron, also appeared to be shocked about the act of violence committed against the waitress.

“This is such a family restaurant; oh, this is crazy,” Garris-Oliver said.

As the police continued their search for the suspects, they were asking anyone with information to call their tip line at 856-589-0330, ext. 1160, or email Detective M. Longfellow at [email protected]

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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